Way to the Queen

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Way to the Queen

Out of many shots down The Mall towards Buckingham Palace, I consider this one as my best result. Seeing not a single car on the road is – as you might imagine – somewhat a rarity.

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Ebb Tide in Leigh-on-sea

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Ebb Tide in Leigh-on-sea

When arriving in Leigh-on-sea the tide was low and I had the opportunity to get some shots of the landscape. Full of stranded boats, the whole scenery was very unique and interesting.

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Small Lake Arber in Early Morning Light

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Small Lake Arber in Early Morning Light

View over the Small Lake Arber near Lohberg, Germany.

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Strange Tree

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Strange Tree


This unusual, warped tree is located in Wermelskirchen, Germany. Since some of its neighbours were cut into pieces the same day I had to take this shot. At least I wanted to keep it alive visually. Of course, as it turned out, the workers didn’t even touch this exemplar. Anyway, I am really satisfied with the result. 

The shot was taken with 1/400 f4.5 and in post-processing I added a layer of saturation adjustment, blue saturation adjustment and increased contrast.

Girls Posing

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Girls Posing
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This shot is a medium-long exposure (1/2 sec.) in front of Leicester Square. It was new year’s eve and we were around in London with some friends from Germany. My plan was to get some great firework photos at the Tower Bridge. Just imagine: The monumental building in front and some crazy light bubbles in the background. But what I didn’t know: You can hardly see any fireworks from there. What a pitty.

Fight for the Nut

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Fight for the Nut
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Pigeon vs. Squirrel. Not really what you would consider an epic battle but indeed it is about survival.  Maybe not that specific nut but, you know, speaking in general terms. 

This photo froze the moment just before one of the lurking beasts decided to take a stand and pick the nut. The other one had to leave hungry and jealous.

Sunset from a plane

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Sunset from a plane
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When flying back from Germany to England I saw this beautiful sunset out of my window. I took a few shots of it instantly in order to capture this. This shot is my personal favourite, even though you see the moon and the lonely star twice due to the long exposure and the plane movement. I think it is this “effect” that gives it a special flavour.