Small Lake Arber in Early Morning Light

Small Lake Arber in Early Morning Light

View over the Small Lake Arber near Lohberg, Germany.

View large on black


~ by Thomas Euler on 12/08/2009.

One Response to “Small Lake Arber in Early Morning Light”

  1. I check out the flickr photos on most interesting every day-I have it on my desktop. Your sumission of today 8/18/09 just knocked my socks off. I prefer the colored version to the black and white. It is just awe-inspiring. I am just beginning with some digital photography of my own. I especially enjoy macro, but am working on landscape, and yours are a wonderful example of where I would like to go with mine. Do you do any post-processing of the pictures with some program. I have PSP 8 and prefer it to photoshop but rarely do any post-processing. I am rambling on, but I really am impressed with your work. Also, I have never written to anyone on Flickr before tho there have been many outstanding pieces. Yours just grabbed me.
    Thanks so much for sharing them.

    Sharon Baker
    Portola, California

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